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Profesional Investigation & Executive Protection

Specializing in Corporate & Domestic investigations, Executive Protection, & Celebrity Bodyguard Services. Providing you with fair, balanced, and impartial services to best fulfill your needs.



offered by

U.S. Apprehension



Investigative services and background investigations range from information gathering to surveillance operations directly to businesses, insurance companies, and individuals regarding their domestic situations.

Vehicle GPS Tracking


Industry leading GPS’s for business and domestic use providing turn by turn tracking.

Executive Protection


Providing highly trained and experienced executive protection agents for both corporate clients and celebrities. Local, Nationwide, and select Countries are offered, licensed, and bonded. Specializing in both low profile and high threat.

Skip Tracing


We conduct a full service investigation search for the fugitive, apprehend, and transport to the corresponding jail or police dept.

Process Service


Summons & Complaints, Garnishments, Personal Protection Orders, Subpoena, Divorce / Child Support, & Court Filing.

And Much More...


With an endless amount of services offered we are confident we can fulfill your needs.



U.S. Apprehension and Bond Agency, INC. is the leading private investigation agency in Michigan. From the company's inception in 2014 U.S. Apprehension & Bond Agency has been dedicated to helping the businesses that shape our community and citizens that keep it going. By believing in our community we are able to provide a better service and build a relationship with the people we are trying to help.

U.S. Apprehension & Bond Agency, INC. is a veteran-owned and operated business. Because of this U.S. Apprehension has been built on a foundation of honesty, dedication, respect, and trust. Making sure these core values stay at the forefront of U.S. Apprehension gives us the ability to be a company you can trust, a company you can believe in, and a company that can get the job done.

U.S. Apprehension & Bond Agency, INC. did not become the leading investigation and protection agency overnight. Taking in long hours, building a solid relationship with our clients, and protecting our client's privacy are just some of the leading factors to our success. It does not matter if the client we are working for at the time is a corporate client, a single domestic client, a Top 40 music artist, Fortune 500 CEO, or US Ambassador. Each is important to us and both types helped build and lift this company to where it is today.


OUR President and Owner


Tel: 586.604.1521


KYLE "SARG" JASON was born and raised in Detroit, MI. after High School he joined the US Army as a Combat Eng and soon deployed to Iraq during the Invasion. After years in the service and numerous deployments overseas Sarg left the Army and took a position with Backwater and deployed to Afghanistan. While there he climbed his way up in the company, overtime after being selected to be on different teams until he found himself on the team of the top US Ambassador for the whole country. After some time Sarg was then asked to head up operations for the company and was soon working in the US Embassy and heading the whole operations department for the contract. After some time in this position, Sarg felt the time had come to move onto the next adventure and returned to the states and opened U.S. Apprehension & Bond Agency. Opening the doors to the company in 2014 Sarg has secured and worked many different contracts and clients from running search and rescue teams in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, along with conducting protection details for Sprint and AT&T on the island. He has run high threat protections teams in Puerto Rico for musicians on tours, along with low profile protection details for touring musicians stateside. Bodyguard services for top 40 artists and CEOs all across the county, not to mention domestic security jobs and the countless investigation cases for both corporate, insurance, and private clients. Sarg is a highly trained and experienced investigator and protection agent who loves what he does.
Presient & Owner

38530 S. Groesbeck, Clinton Twp., MI. 48036

Tel:  586.604.1521


U.S. Apprehension

& Bond Agency

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